Monday, July 19, 2010

Car insurance for a 16 YR old girl with an 08

How much would insurance cost for a 16 year old girl with an 08 Mustang with Famers insurance.

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A Cheeseburger Isn

A Cheeseburger Isn

Why are UK McDonald hamburgers so much better than the States?

Methinks the Big Macs I had in the Big Apple (pun unintended) taste like glue; they lack the robust flavours and tenderness which you can find in the same burgers here. Also, the American meat taste a bit synthetic compared to the natural farm-freshness captured in British meats.

Same international fast food chain. Such different experiences.

Oh yes, I also felt the American portion sizes are somewhat smaller.
The UK uses UK beef - simple. Yes UK beef is superior. Americans make the cheapest product they can when it comes to burgers.

Sad but true.

P.S. UK beef is probably superior due to what the animals are fed - the animals are kept in better conditions that are less stressful - which means a certain type of hormone does NOT go into their flesh. I saw a documentary on this - apparently humanely killed animals taste better.
I live in U.K, not a big fan of McDs but I had one in France and they were much nice than home
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How many calories in MacDonalds deli of the day chicken salad?

i lovee deli of the day i live on it :) btw guys im not fat so yeah? ....

It has 350 calories

including 53 grams carbohydrate (5 grams of fiber)

8 grams of fat and

16 grams of protein.

it also has 1.4 grams salt

It looks pretty healthy except the amount of salt - that is almost a days supply of salt.
it will be listed on the web site

White Castles, Crave Case. How much does one cost in Michigan?

Im effin hungry
Its effin $20 you dont half to be so rude the next time pallllllllll!

Rude Boy Signing out *SIG$^$PIMP DADDY COMBS, DIRTY MONEY$$$$$$
look on the web site or call your local white castle for their prices

Best Restaurants in Chicago?

We are visiting chicago for five days and would like to know what the best restaurants are. Do most of these restaurants have long lines for tables? Do we have to make reservations? Also: which ones are the most tourist friendly?
Take a ride north on Clark Street, and you

What is the best vegetarian light meal offered at less than $6?